Cabernet Sauvignon, Finca decero. Argentina

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What was once a bare patch of soil in the foothills of the Andes has been transformed into a remarkable single-vineyard estate. Decero, meaning “from scratch”, consists of one hundred hectares of vineyard newly planted in 2000 on this favoured site. The winery is state-of-the art, having been equipped for the début 2006 vintage, and the gentle, hands-on approach in the vineyard continues throughout the process. The result is wines of elegance and sophistication; seductively textured and freshly aromatic.

Located at over 1050 metres above sea level, in the renowned Mendoza appellation of Agrelo, the Remolinos Vineyard takes its name from remolinos – whirlwinds which keep the grapes dry and in perfect condition in the run-up to harvest. The soils are silty clay over sandy gravels. All the vineyard work, including picking, is done by hand, without the use of tractors. Natural predators, including owls, are used to combat pests. The grapes were hand-picked in late April/early May


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