Pasqua Morago Appassite Rosso Veneto, Italy

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The history of Pasqua Vignetie Cantine begins in 1925, when the first generation of the Pasqua brothers came to Verona and established a new business devoted to the trade of wines from their homeland, Apulia.

From wine trade and retail, they decided to become a real winery. In a few years, with the acquisition of new vineyards in the Verona area, the company progressively gained importance and visibility.

Black Label is a selection of Veneto wines characterized by the appassimento technique

Wine making: The harvested grapes are left to dry for a month arranged in wooden crates inside the Fruttaio.

There, by means of humidity control and air circulation, the grapes lose around 30% of their water content and achieve a high sugar concentration. Having different maturation times, the fermentation takes place in separate steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 25-28° C for 30 days. Malolactic fermentation in steel tanks follows, lending softness and harmony to the wine.

Aged in oak tonneaux barrels for 3 months

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