Vola Vole Passerina Abruzzo Italy

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Producer: Cantina Orsogna is an award-winning Abruzzo cooperative specialising in native grapes of the region such as Montepluciano d`Abruzzo, Cococciola and Pecorino. the vinery, biodynamic principles by which they make their wine and have many certified Demeter biodynamic wines. The Passerina grape is a local variety to the Marche and Abruzzo regions

Orsogna`s Vola Vole wines are dedicated to the protection of bees. They are committed to safeguarding the vineyards` ecosystem so that bees are safe and far from pesticides and herbicides. They have been certified organic for 25 years and adhere to the biodiversity friend project.

The finished wines are also heavily influenced by bees – the yeasts required to start fermentation are carefully selected from the pollen the bees collect from the natural wildlife surrounding the vineyards.

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