Calvados Reserve 3 years old. France

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A family passion since 1860, in 1860, Pierre Groult (1830-1918) decided to distill his cider and to age the eau-de-vie produced in oak barrels : Calvados Groult was born. Through his hard work, its production methods its Calvados quickly obtained a good reputation. He won his first gold medal in 1893. > His son Leon (1874-1923) developed the production and sales of Calvados. >

Thanks to Leon’s son, Roger Groult (1905-1988), the distillery had its biggest boom. He increased the size of its distillery and made it one of the most famous in France. His son Jean-Pierre (1946-2008) developed further distribution of Calvados in France and was one of the pioneers in exporting worldwide and are now present in the cellars and famous restaurant in over 30 countries. >

Finally, the traditions are perpetuated because today his son Jean-Roger, the fifth generation, perpetuates the double distillation over a wood fire and other traditional methods, and is pleased to offer you these great Calvados Pays d’Auge.

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